Landscape/Townscape and Visual Impact Assessment

LVIA/TVIA is the process of identifying and assessing the effects of a proposed development on the context landscape (or townscape) and on views and visual amenity in the affected area.

The Reports

LVIA reports (or EIAR chapters) are prepared during the design process for proposed developments and submitted with planning applications, so that the planning authorities and the public can fully understand the potential effects of the proposal on the landscape and views/visual amenity in the area.

The LVIA and accompanying Verified Views (or photomontages) are often a critical element of the planning application. The Verified Views provide the most accessible description/depiction of the development (‘a picture tells a thousand words’); the LVIA provides an assessment of the appropriateness of the change.

Click on any of the covers below to see the LVIA/TVIA report.

Model Works LVIAs

Our LVIA are carried out with reference to the Guidelines for Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (3rd edition, 2013) and the EPA Guidelines on the Information to be Contained in Environmental Impact Assessment Reports, 2022 – with the methodology and output adapted for the requirements of each project.

LVIA requires a thorough understanding of the landscape or townscape – its history, its component parts and the varying forces for change. It also requires knowledge of the planning process and policy, development considerations and design, so that these can be reflected in the assessment of a proposed development’s effects.

Our Team

We have a team of dedicated landscape architects and town planners providing LVIA services for a wide range of projects, including:

  • One-off houses, residential estates and apartment complexes;
  • Office developments, including tall buildings, and campuses;
  • Mixed use urban developments, including new city quarters;
  • Water, transport and electricity infrastructure projects (solar and wind farms);
  • Industrial developments (data centres, pharmaceutical plant, etc.).

As well as providing the LVIA reports for submission with planning applications, we provide site constraints and opportunity assessments to inform the design process, and responses to Further Information requests during the planning process.