A basecamp for brilliance

A basecamp for brilliance. Collaborating with CIT and Stepladder, and working with Stiff & Trevillion, AKT & HCL Architects to bring the new tower to life, the HYLO app allows you to explore available space in a way like never before. We delivered the full suite of CGIs to detail the unique design that will be a home away from home, and to show off the amazing amenities on offer. Welcome to London’s future workplace, at HYLO.

Finsbury Square

CIT, Stepladder, Stiff & Trevillion, AKT & HCL Architects

HYLO-london 261,000 sqft future workplace.
HYLO-London roof garden terraces.
Considering different ceiling design options?
A bespoke mobile sales application to explore the project and local lifestyle.
A workplace with great coffee.