Hanover Bond Mandarin Oriental

The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Mayfair

In many ways, Hanover Bond: The Residences at Mandarin Oriental, Mayfair is all about tradition. Traditional luxury, time-honoured top-notch service, and, sitting as it does in Mayfair’s oldest square, London’s rich heritage. But the tools we built for its potential residents were all about the future. Working with Clivedale, we designed and delivered a huge, multi-purpose media wall. Customers could venture inside through VR experiences and a realtime app that let them choose and explore different residences. The perfect blend of old and new.

Clivedale, Mandarin Oriental, RSH-P

We developed this VR experience in 4K. It’s amazing watching customers explore it on the 98" media wall.
Pan vertically
A glimpse into the VR experience that takes you inside a two-bedroom residence.
We designed bespoke controllers for our VR experiences.
In London’s best-connected location, Hanover Bond is the front door to the finest that Mayfair and the capital have to offer.